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Son cose che i Bot…

17 maggio 2015

Cose che succedono su Skype di tanto in tanto. Cose che ti fanno rimpiangere i troll veri. O forse no. Cose che solo sulla Internet. E non ce lo dicono!1!1!!!11

[17/05/15 10:49:55] Carlo Frinolli | nois3: do I know you?

[17/05/15 10:50:14] winky sugarz: hey i found your name on the directory. I’m 24/female wanna chat and share pics?

[17/05/15 10:50:49] Carlo Frinolli | nois3: no.

[17/05/15 10:50:52] Carlo Frinolli | nois3: vanish. now.

[17/05/15 10:51:09] winky sugarz: My name is amanda i grew up in Miami.. i’m kinda a small girl with big attributes lol where are you from?

[17/05/15 10:51:17] Carlo Frinolli | nois3: from your ass.

[17/05/15 10:51:33] winky sugarz: cool, im just bored as fuk at home! I’m single and looking… have you ever had cyber sex?

[17/05/15 10:51:47] Carlo Frinolli | nois3: with your mother more than once.

[17/05/15 10:52:10] winky sugarz: lol, send me a recent pic of you and lets have some fun

[17/05/15 10:52:14] Carlo Frinolli | nois3: sure

[17/05/15 10:52:23] Carlo Frinolli | nois3: http://media.giphy.com/media/ODlw0HGZWTiCY/giphy.gif

[17/05/15 10:52:40] winky sugarz: sweet like want to see pics of me?

[17/05/15 10:53:03] Carlo Frinolli | nois3: no I just want to vomit on your shoes.

[17/05/15 10:53:22] winky sugarz: I uploaded recent pics here… http://imgur.XXX/a/XXXX

[17/05/15 10:54:26] Carlo Frinolli | nois3: wow.

[17/05/15 10:54:36] Carlo Frinolli | nois3: now please fuck you away from here.

[17/05/15 10:54:41] winky sugarz: talk to me like a slut baby… do you like girls with big tits? want to see some naughty big tit pics?

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